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Our Process / Manufacturing

Supplement Manufacturing

JUSTNUTRA manufactures powders, liquids, capsules, and tablets. Our operations are set up to handle orders both large and small. We follow strict processes and procedures to ensure that all products produced in our facility exceed both FDA and cGMP guideline/testing. We don't cut corners and our products are always delivered on time. 

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Every formula that comes out of our manufacturing is customized to the client. Private label is an issue in the industry. Companies are pumping out private label product but behind the label they are all the same ingredients. We work with companies looking to help their customers.

Flexibility is Key

When it comes to the supplement business, we understand that variety and flexibility are key. That is why we made sure our facility would be able to handle small and large order quantities. 


We are cGMP Compliant, FDA Registered, Kosher Certified, USDA Organic Certified, and NSF Certified. 


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