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Our Process / Design

Logo & Label Design

Our design team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your label design is fully FDA compliant. We have created a simple 5 step labeling road map that we use to guide you through the process. See your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations come to life with a product built to help others. 

Let's get creative!

The whole point of your label is for it to jump out to your ideal customer. Whether your product is on retail shelves or on Facebook Ads, you want to make sure that the label can sell itself. We hired the best in the industry to create the label of your dreams. We ask the right questions to get your vision on paper, then we let our experts do the work. 

Capture Emotion!

To have a label that jumps off the shelves, we need to capture the right emotion you are looking to get from your customers. First impressions are everything.


To get the right idea on what you are looking to create, please make sure you have the following questions answered:

  • Product Name

  • Main Purpose of Design

  • How do you expect views to feel after seeing your label?

  • Do you like any competitor's graphics? Make a list.

  • Is there something in particular you would like to highlight?

  • Color Preferences? Please use the color emotion guide for help.

  • What are some adjectives that describe your vision?

  • Who is your target market?


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