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What Are The Benefits Of MCT Oils?

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MCT oils are quickly becoming a big deal in the dieting community. Particularly popular with ketogenic dieters as the fat of choice, MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides, a saturated fatty acid easily used by the body as fuel. Because of the presence of various essential compounds and that efficient digestibility, supplementing MCT oils offers a wide range of benefits. 1. Easy satiation In other words, MCT oils work wonders for making you feel full with fewer calories. The same aspects of other fats that make them so satisfying and filling are magnified in a good MCT oil, making it an excellent tool for any dieter who struggles with overeating. 2. Raised metabolic function MCT oils improve metabolic function. To put it simply, someone who consumes MCT oil is going to burn a bit more fat, feel a bit more energetic, and find their mood and mental state somewhat improved, all other things equal. It’s a great little boost, but it’s not a wonder drug. 3. Improved digestion Fair warning: while MCT oils are known to improve digestion over time, they are also infamous for being rough the first few times through the system. A dieter's stomach isn’t going to appreciate the shock of concentrated MCTs until it gets used to them. That’s because of the positive impact on the gut flora—which won’t feel positive at all until things settle down. 4. Better nutrient absorption MCT oils help the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients from other foods, which in turn greatly improves the bioavailability of those nutrients. This is especially handy if a dieter is supplementing any of these nutrients, as bioavailability is one of the key challenges of supplementation. 5. Reduced inflammation Because of the antioxidant properties of MCTs and their positive impact on the digestive system, many people find they see reduced inflammation when supplementing with MCT oil. This is especially great for anyone who suffers from any of the many conditions which lead to excessive inflammation, or for those who hit the gym hard and don’t want to hurt quite so bad afterward. Keep in mind that there are a lot of MCT oils out there, and not all of them are equivalent. Coconut oil contains some MCT but doesn’t qualify as a true MCT oil without extensive modification due to the type of MCTs, for example. Do your homework, and stock up on an oil that can get results. A little supplement industry knowledge goes a long way to healthiness and offering dieters a method they'll happily return for.

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