3 Important Factors To Consider With Packaging In 2019

Packaging is only packaging. Just slap your brand on a can, and call it a day. If you are a business owner that thinks like this, you are setting yourself up for failure. Packaging is extremely important. Your packaging should help sell the product for you. In 2019, the market is changing. Consumers are demanding for more. But what are they looking for?

When you are designing your packaging, consider the following.

Differentiate Yourself From Other Brands!

When your customers walks into a supplement store, immediately there are hundreds of companies fighting for their attention. What is going to set your supplement apart from the rest? Design & Packaging is an art. In this art, you need to keep in mind a few different factors. What is your market looking for? More consumers in 2019 are demanding more information on their products. Whether that is organic, where the ingredients came from or anything else that will create buzz. Consumers are also demanding for more Eco-friendly packaging. When it comes to Eco-friendly packaging, this could mean less material, which means less room for messaging. Lastly, millennials are driving a demand on more "on the go" options. Without even considering design, these factors alone can help differentiate yourself.

Colors & Designs Can Sway Purchasing Habits

Have you ever bought a product just because of its packaging? I know for a fact that I have. Our brains are attracted to different colors and depending on how the design is represented, it could sway anyone into buying your product. All colors give off an emotion. What kind of emotion do you want your packaging to give?

Red: Youthful - Excitement - Bold

Orange: Friendly - Cheerful - Confident

Yellow: Optimism - Clarity - Warmth

Blue: Trust - Dependable - Strength

Green: Peaceful - Growth - Health

Purple: Creative - Imaginative - Wise

Black/White: Balance - Neutral - Calm

Color Experts say that the more colors added, the less sophisticated the emotion is.

KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. All different shades of these colors give off different emotions. When picking these colors, give it good thought. Do not just pick Blue because it is what most people use. Pick it because it represents something within your company. Remember our first point. Differentiate yourself.

Packaging Is A Marketing Tool

Don't forget, your packaging is one of your many marketing tools. When a customer picks up your product in a store for the first time, your logo front and center helps them remember your company. With a new year comes new technologies! QR Codes and augmented reality now allows brands to interact with their customers in a new way, right in the store. This will not only create an everlasting memory of you product, but people will talk about how amazing your product is for having this.

Check out this video of Bombay Sapphire using augmented reality on their products

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