5 Instagram Tips for Supplement Companies

In today's world of marketing, social media has become a huge factor for small companies to get in front of new eyes.

Growing an audience is extremely important for any business. Social media creates an area where you can communicate with your target market, give them information on new product launches, give out discounts, or get an idea of what they want!

What it all comes down to is using your social media correctly. There are a lot of "Do's and Don'ts" but lucky for you, we are going to break them all down for you in this blog.

Let's get right to it!

1.) Find Your Style and Stick To It.

The goal is to create an aesthetic that people want to see on their dashboard. Before you ever post a photo, the question you should ask yourself is, would some stranger enjoy seeing this photo. If you are not sure, then do not post it.

Some companies use their supplement design for style help. Another thing you can do is to find a custom filter and use it for every photo that you post. You can find custom filters all over the internet.

Once you find your style do not stray far from it. Irrelevant information on your business account could lose a chunk of your following.


2.)Do NOT over post!

Over posting is real! Yes! But how much can you post?

This question highly depends on how much content you have. I suggest posting AT MOST once per day. This way you are active on Instagram but you are not flooding your followers with content. A good minimum to have is AT LEAST three times per week.

But Steve...What days and what times should I post? Well I am so glad you asked. This completely depends on your audience and when they are on the app. You can check this by heading onto your business Instagram, hitting the three horizontal lines in the top right hand corner, and then tapping "Insights."

Insights is a beautiful function Instagram offers. It will show you actions taken on your account and on what days of the week. It can also show you things like Profile Visits, Website Clicks, Emails, Reach, Impressions, where your audience lives, what time of day they are on the app, and what days they are on the app the most.

Woah...Crazy right?

Use this information by testing content and seeing what works best!


3.) Create a schedule and stick to it.

Once you have an idea on when your audience is on Instagram and when to post, you should start creating a schedule to help you plan posts in advance. This way you have less to focus on during the week and can focus on the business.

There are fantastic platforms that you can use to do this like Buffer! I recommend planning your month out depending on what discounts or flash sales you might have, and then fill in the openings with other great content. Once you have an idea of your month, you can schedule on Buffer your full week of posts on every Monday or Friday.

4.) Know how hashtags work and when to use them. INSTAGRAM HAS CHANGED THEIR ALGORITHM

Posting the same 30 hashtags will no longer optimize your Instagram posts. Can you still stick to a few of them? Yes! But there is a better tactic.

Now when you post a photo or video, hashtag words relevant to the post with both large amounts of posts and small amounts of posts. You can test your hashtags by searching them in the search bar. For an example, if you search the hashtag "#supplement," underneath you can see a fine print that may say "1.4m posts." That would be a large amount of postings. If you search the hashtag "#collagensmoothie," underneath you can see a fine print that may say "555 Posts." That would be a small amount of posts.


5.) Be Active Within The Community

Active? What do you mean? I mean check out your audience and communicate with them!

You can do this by commenting on posts under hashtags you may follow (highly recommended), liking posts of you followers and under hashtags you follow, or by posting interactive stories.

An interactive story would be a Poll, a rate or many other options. Check them all out!

Lastly, another great way to be active with your community is by doing free giveaways! This could be with your own Instagram audience, or you can collaborate with a similar account to join communities and do a joined giveaway! This will give your company exposure to other Instagram followers that don't know about you, and potentially bring over new business!

If you can MASTER these 5 areas, you will have a very successful social media account. I hope you enjoyed this information! Good luck!!!

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