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Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

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A very popular question we get is "What are the best ways to market our supplement line?"

Influencer Marketing has been the talk of the industry for a while now and it is no secret that IT WORKS! It has shown that "30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger. Consumers can relate more to these influencers and value their opinions more than that of celebrity influencers."

But how do you have your influencer market your brand? OR If you are the influencer that owns the brand, how can you best market to your audience?

I'll give you 10 ways that I have seen influencers/businesses market that has helped them start off strong and continue to build their business.

1.) Create Genuine Stories Behind Your Product

Nowadays, most consumers are turning a blind eye to marketing without a purpose. People no longer buy products, they buy stories. When introducing your new product, the influencer should give genuine feedback on why they use the product, why it is the best, and how it has changed their life in some way/shape/form.

This will create unique content that your audience cannot ignore. Also, since it is someone that they relate to, they will trust the brand and want to become a part of the story too.

2.) Organize Social Media Contests and Giveaways

A great way to attract new customers is through contests and giveaways. You can do these contest on both your business page and your influencer's page.

Contest Rules:

1.)You must be following the Influencer & the business Instagram page.

2.)You must like each contest post

3.)You must tag a friend in the comments below.

4.)How every many times you comment & tag a friend is 1 entry to win the giveaway. Enter as many times as you want!

This will create more engagement and brand awareness for your brand and influencer. From multiple tags and likes, your post may be featured on the Instagram feature page and create potential new customers.

3.) Short Ads At The End Of YouTube Videos/Content

If you are a YouTuber/Vlogger or even a Blogger or your influencer is, Have a 10-15 second ad at the end of each video/ blog about your product. This will create more brand awareness and will lead to more marketing touches. It takes 6-8 touch points to generate a lead or sale. If you have a large YouTube/blog/vlog following, this should increase brand awareness and sales.

If you are the brand, create videos and content wrapped around your niche. Whether it be recipes, workouts, how to videos, or any kind of tips, you can add these 10-15 second ads to the end of each video to get more brand awareness.

What should the Ad be like? This depends on your niche and I recommend it is simple but sweet. Talk to any video marketer for help on creating the right ad for you.

4.) Get Influencers Posting!

Having the correct influencers are a big part of the equation because you want to target your audience. After finding your influencers, ask them to post 2 - 3 times a week about how excited they are about your brand. Keep tip #1 in mind because people buy stories, not products. Have your influencers post show them using the product and maybe offering a discount code for a percentage off.

5.) Write A Book!

The most powerful sales/marketing strategy I have seen yet is writing a book on your product.

-how to use it

-how to include it in recipes

-why it is important

If you are an influencer and have a large following, offering a book on your product has tremendous potential. It is very important to write towards your niche and what they want to see.

6.) Have A Separate Instagram Account For Your Supplement Line!

You would think this is obvious but some influencers only post about their line on their personal Instagram page. While few have been successful with this, the point of it all is to build another brand around your existing brand.

Having your own Instagram for your supplement business will create an area to constantly update people on your business but not overwhelm them on your personal page. The reason they started following you is that they trust you and relate to you. Continue your normal content but sprinkle in about your brand.

7.) Create Instagram Highlights On Each Product On Your PERSONAL ACCOUNT & BUSINESS ACCOUNT

Having highlights on your personal page/influencer's page about the product is important because it can show NEW followers the passion and story behind starting this supplement line. It will always be there and you can add promotional videos to it to get people to click on your brand's website.

Having Instagram highlights on your business page is also very important. You should have one highlight for "Your Story," "Products," "News & Updates," and "Your Community."

What is a "Community" highlight? A "Community" highlight where you share whenever anyone posts about your product or them using their product in their story. Having a "Community" Highlight is HUGE because it motivates people to post and tag your brand. Not only does this make them feel special and want to show other people that they made it to your brand page, but it will build trust for new customers to buy your product. It shows that other people are also buying your product!

You can even create a name for your community like "Team XYZ" or "XYZ Nation." Be creative. Build a community and it will only pay dividends.

8.) Use Facebook And Instagram Ads To Direct Traffic To Your Website

This is a MUST in today's age. Use advertisements with your influencers in the video/photo to create website traffic and conversions. Having your influencers in the ad and targeting their audience will be another touch point which will hopefully lead to a sale.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are extremely cheap and can create a lot of success if done right. The average person spends around 2 hours a day on social media. Knowing your target market and when they are on their social media is key. Talk to a marketer to help you with Social Media Marketing and targeting your audience correctly.

9.) Give Your Influencers Exclusive Early Access

Exclusive early access to influencers creates a unique buzz for customers. This will give them an opportunity to promote their thoughts on the product and start their story with the brand. Combining this technique with an EXCLUSIVE EARLY ACCESS GIVEAWAY will create a lot of buzz around the brand and product.

10.) Pre-Orders

Another area to create buzz around is pre-orders for the first batch. "We are having amazing feedback from our contest winners and influencers so we are going to start pre-orders for the next week! Pre-order now before we are sold out!" This will create urgency to pre-order the product and create buzz! Not only will it get the ball rolling but this will also help you purchase your first order of supplements!


From our experience, these 10 tips have set up companies for nothing but success. I suggest doing each one for your greatest potential for success! It is important to have a marketer on your team to help you along the way. Are you ready to get started on your supplement brand?

Supplement Manufacturing Company, supplement manufacturing, starting a supplement business, JustNutra, Smoothie, Whey Protein Powder, Ketogenic, Contract Supplement Manufacturer, Vitamin Manufacturer, Supplement Manufacturer, Create a Supplement


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