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5 Mistakes That Could Kill Your Supplement Brand!

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If you want to succeed in the supplement industry, you need to avoid making the mistakes which have killed so many entrants before you. Here are five of the most common mistakes that could end your brand before it really gets started. 1: Starting without a plan To break into sports nutrition supplements or any other corner of the supplement industry, you need to start with a clear, detailed plan. It’s important that you have a product in mind and a customer for that product—if you’re not sure about either, you still need more research before you’re ready to jump in. 2: Inauthentic branding Branding to your target prospect is a great idea. Inauthentic attempts to do so, not so much. Take the time to learn what your target audience really cares about and how they really discuss matters—get involved in discussions on social media and discussion forums, read the hot sources in the community, and pay attention. You want to be able to deliver an honest message—deception only works in the short term. 3: Weak brand perception Of course, authentic or not doesn’t matter if no one even knows about your brand. That’s why it’s critical that you take advantage of every opportunity to evoke your brand and remind people who you are. There’s a reason most successful supplements come in fancy bottles and have impressive logos—even the capsules are designed to remind people of the brand behind them. You want to be remembered. 4: Ineffective customer service If customers aren’t happy with their interactions with your company, it’s going to go poorly for you in the long term. Supplements are as much about branding, customer service, and word-of-mouth as they are the actual products. Make sure you have the tools and processes in place to keep customers happy. 5: Low product quality Working with sketchy manufacturers may save you money on the front end, but no amount of marketing or branding can keep people satisfied with terrible supplements. All it takes is one enterprising individual doing their homework and the low quality of your products will become viral news, speeding through the community in days. Make sure you’re working with a respectable, effective manufacturer and avoid this brand-killing mistake. To work with a reputable supplement manufacturing team and make your business a success, contact us at JUSTNUTRA today.

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