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How To Strengthen Your Sports Nutrition Brand!

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Want to build a sports nutrition brand that can thrive in a sea of competitors? Follow these seven tips and you may just make it work: 1. Deliver a strong brand proposition If your brand doesn’t make a strong proposition, it may as well not exist. You need to know your target customer and ideal product and how the two connect before you develop this aspect of your marketing—once you do, stick to it. A proposition that changes with the wind isn’t much better than none at all. 2. Be different It’s best to be unique in some way—just make sure you know why you’re unique and can make the case for your side of things in the areas you break from your competitors. People like unique, but they want to know there’s a reason for it. Succeed in being different AND keeping customers on board, and that’s when a brand really takes off. 3. Stay informed Learning should be a high priority for everyone in your company, from the CEO down. Your vitamin manufacturer can be a big help with this, but shouldn’t be your only source of information. Visit conferences, follow leading figures in the industry and pay attention to what your customers are talking about most. 4. Communicate with your prospects Surveys, social media outreach, follow up calls and emails: all of it helps. You want to build a relationship with your customers, so they care that they bought from you, and not a competitor. The sale is only the beginning of the sales process. 5. Keep everyone on the same page Marketing should inform product and product should inform marketing. Every team member should be working towards the same goal, which means knowing what that goal is and the road-map established to get there. 6. React quickly You don’t want to be the brand that lags behind its competitors in terms of adopting new trends and dropping things that the research turns against. That doesn’t mean you have to follow every push or pull from the competition—you just need to show that you know about the news and made an informed decision. 7. Be consistent You can’t make a hard push in favor of "LCHF" sports nutrition on your blog when you’re selling "HCLF" products, unless you build a brand where that makes sense, like ‘choose the right nutrition FOR YOU’. Think about the message you send with words, brands, and products; they need to work together for a consistent whole.

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