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Stack Your Nootropics To Achieve Optimal Results!

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Nootropics are a name for compounds that can enhance your mental capacity, including your memory and ability to focus. Some nootropics are considered effective enough to warrant speculation on whether using them amounts to cheating. However, nootropics are more than just study aids. Below is a look at the different ways that you can combine and augment nootropics to achieve a variety of different benefits. A combination of nootropic supplements is called a stack. A study stack A study stack can consist of two commonly available nootropics: Caffeine and L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea and is known to promote feelings of relaxation by increasing brain theta waves. It also increases your memory and your ability to focus. It works well with caffeine and similar stimulants. You can also build on this stack by adding ginseng and choline. Together, these nootropic supplements create a stack that is suited for hard mental work. An energy stack An energy stack can include ingredients like phenylpiracetam, caffeine and ginseng. These compounds combined with other nootropics can help to deliver a long-lasting burst of energy. Phenylpiracetam is effective enough that it has been banned in the Olympics. Phenylpiracetam, panax ginseng and other stimulants that you can use in your energy stack do not have any effect on your central nervous system; their effects are entirely mental. An anxiolytic stack With the right stack, it is possible to reduce anxiety and improve cognition. An anxiolytic medication is one that reduces anxiety. Your anxiolytic stack may include nootropic supplements like L-theanine, phenibut and Noopept. These supplements can modulate certain neurotransmitters like serotonin to ease anxiety. You can also add a mineral supplement like magnesium, as a deficiency in it correlates with stress and being overworked. Phenibut is a powerful anxiolytic supplement that must be used carefully since you can build up a tolerance to it that can lead to addiction. Nootropic supplements are versatile enough to be used to achieve a wide range of results. The examples listed above are just a few of the ways that these supplements can improve your abilities.

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