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Why Eating Fat To Lose Fat Makes Sense!

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The notion of eating a high-fat diet to shed pounds can seem downright paradoxical. However, a closer look at the body’s metabolism and nutritional principles can illustrate why a ketogenic diet can be such a healthy weight-loss strategy for so many people. Why does replacing carbohydrates with saturated fats make so much sense when it comes to shedding pounds? Let's look at the science and nutritional wisdom behind such an approach. We’ve all been taught to eat a balanced diet and avoid consuming too many saturated fats. For example, according to nutrition expert Tom Naughton, “the rise in obesity began around the same time the so-called experts began telling everyone to cut back on fat and eat more carbohydrates”. However, the saturated fats we've been told to cut down on by the government are actually good for our metabolism, but the carbs they’ve been recommending are what get converted into dangerous blood glucose. As it turns out, saturated fats are actually good for us and they tend to leave us feeling satiated. In contrast, high carb diets cause blood glucose levels to spike, which induce food cravings as the sugar high wears off. There are two other food paradoxes you need to be aware of: The yo-yo diet This refers to the phenomenon where low-fat diets actually lead to weight gain. That's because a biologically wired survival mechanism causes our metabolisms to slow down when we cut back on saturated fats. The French paradox This refers to the fact that the people in France consume plenty of saturated fats, but they do not suffer from high rates of heart disease. The ketogenic diet works by forcing the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. It has helped patients with epilepsy better control their condition. Also, many people are finding it helpful with weight loss. However, dietitians and health experts insist that ketogenic supplements are necessary to ensure that practitioners get all the micro-nutrients they need. In particular, you need to pay attention to both energy and weight loss supplement ingredients because of the way they can interact with a ketogenic diet. Therefore, be sure to look for supplements that are specially formulated for a ketogenic diet.

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