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How Intermittent Fasting Can Boost Your Focus

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With all the latest news about intermittent fasting bringing it to the forefront of nutrition research, it's no wonder many entrepreneurs are investigating its potential. If you're working on a start-up, a business expansion, or any other project that demands a copious amount of brain processing power, you're likely in search for a focus aid that won't leave you feeling run down. Short term and properly paced fasts may help you sharpen your focus and boost your mental powers temporarily. The latest research There's still a limited body of scientific research on intermittent fasting in general, but the early results of the latest studies are quite promising. For brain benefits specifically, research presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience demonstrated a link between fasting and better mood control, improved cognition, and even improvements in Alzheimer's disease patients. All these benefits coming from such a simple and inexpensive nutritional technique may sound surprising, but it's just more good news to those who have already been following the research for many years. Proper application Fasting can make you feel grumpy, lightheaded, and distracted, but these issues usually disappear by your third or fourth fast as long as you're following a healthy plan. Most people find that a single 12 to 16 hour fast each week optimizes their thinking ability without distracting them with constant food cravings and mood swings. Others try more intensive fasting regimes of eight hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting, but this can take a toll on your body and should only be attempted with the guidance of a nutritionist or doctor. To experiment with intermittent fasting without potentially throwing yourself off for a few days, try starting with just a four to six hour fast during a time when you'd normally eat a meal and see what happens with your body. Don't forget that fasting alone is not enough. Taking the right supplements and eating Ketogenic superfoods when you're not fasting will also support your overall health and help you reach your career goals without burning out or compromising your health along the way.

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